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Service Life

Overview of the eZ software releases and their support & maintenance life cycles.

Product Service Life

This page does not include information about Fast Track (FT) releases. You will find that on the Release Process and Roadmap documentation page.

Our software products are continuously evolving, and we have released many versions over the years.

We strive to release stable products with cutting edge technology. However, with new software, there is the inevitable need for Software Maintenance services to provide bug fixes and adjustments for evolving web-technologies.

And as our products always provide new features and possibilities, our documentation and user forums may not always be able to provide an answer to all questions that may arise, in which case our Product Support service team stands ready to assist.

Over time, existing product versions mature and new versions becomes the center of attention for customers wanting the latest and greatest in features and extensibility. We adapt to this continuous evolution by phasing out services for the old versions while commencing services for the new.

This means that our services specific to each release are only available from a given start date until an end date. The time in between the start and end dates is what we call the product's Service Life.

This table provides an overview of the beginning and end of the Service Life of our products*.


First ship month (FSM)

Last ship month (LSM)

End of Service Life (EOSL)

Service Life Extension (SLE)

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition 2018 LTS (v1.13)

December 2017

December 2018

End of December 2020

Eligible. End of December 2021

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition 2017 LTS (v1.7)

December 2016

Q4 2017

End of December 2019

Not Eligible

eZ Publish Platform 5.4 LTS***

November 2014

November 2015****

End of November 2017

Eligible. End of November 2021****

eZ Publish Platform 5.3 LTS

May 2014

May 2015

End of May 2017

Eligible. End of May 2019

eZ Publish Platform 5.2

November 2013

May 2014

End of November 2014

Not Eligible

eZ Publish Platform 5.1 LTS

May 2013

May 2014

End of May 2016

Eligible. End of May 2018

Releases prior to eZ Publish Platform 5.1 have all reached their end of Service Life.

  • FSM: The First Ship Month we accept installations to start using this version.
  • LSM: The Last Ship Month we accept installations to start using this version.
  • EOSL: End Of (normal) Service Life , the last month we provide Product Support and Software Maintenance services for a given version.
  • SLE: Extended Software Maintenance which includes security updates beyond EOSL. Contact your sales representative for more details and availability of versions not listed with a SLE here.
    • Note: SLE is a "best effort" product with no bug fix guarantee. Hence it is not recommended under SLE to do new development like re design, moving to new servers, new server operating system or similar. For such efforts, please upgrade to a version within normal service life first.
  • LTS: Long term release

* For individually agreed lengths of Service Life, please consult your contract. If it goes beyond EOSL it will effectively be valid under the terms of SLE.
** 5.0 was changed to a short term release for new customers when 5.1 came out, thus new contracts have a EOSL in November 2013. We recommend all existing 5.0 customers to upgrade to a LTS release.
*** 5.4 introduces new features in "6.0/Platform stack" and will continue to get certain new features during 2015 to ease forward compatibility with eZ Platform and eZ Studio. For further information see 5.4 release notes.
**** 5.4 being the last eZ Publish release it will be available for existing eZ Publish customer beyond Last Ship Month (until EOSL), and have a extended service life, making it an ideal release for slow migration to eZ Platform and eZ Studio.